Letter from Keven M. Walker

Dear Friends:

The preservation of Civil War Battlefields is a timeless commitment to our Nation's past and, in some ways more importantly, to our Nation's future. Those who preserve this hallowed ground do so because on some level they realize that the story that unfolds across these landscapes is a story that must be remembered today and in the years to come.  Because these places are preserved and protected, generations, yet unborn, will stand amongst these fields and forests and be inspired and provoked by the story they will hear. The insight they will gain on these battlefields will aid and strengthen them for the struggles of their time and guide them toward an understanding of those eternally American ideas of service, self-sacrifice and our shared struggle for the meaning of freedom.

Those who join our Legion of Honor as legacy givers understand the timeless nature of our cause. They are the ones who have chosen to keep the flame of our efforts lit long after we have all passed from this earth. As the ages roll, the thoughtful and selfless dedication of our Legion of Honor will have ensured that these battlefields remain forever. This hallowed ground is their legacy and words are not adequate to express our gratitude for what they have done.


Keven M. Walker Signature

Keven M. Walker
Chief Executive Officer

PS. If you would like to leave a legacy gift to the the Shenandoah Valley Battlefields Foundation, please submit a Letter of Intent or contact Janice Hannah, Director of Development at janice.hannah@svbf.net or (540) 740-4545.