Why We Give

"I choose to leave a legacy gift through the Shenandoah Valley Battlefield's Foundation's "Planned Giving" program because legacy remains on our Civil War battlefield's in the Shenandoah Valley for eternity. What better way to revere sacrifice, bravery, and heritage than to remain totally committed to protecting the sites where great deeds occurred and honor prevailed. The SVBF is fully engaged in preserving and interpreting these sites and the Foundation's dedication to venerating our Civil War battlefields is the hallmark of their success and the triumph of future generations."
Nicholas P. Picerno
Chairman Emeritus

"The SVBF current mission statement and commitment to historic battlefield land preservation goes beyond our utmost expectations.  Their dedication to battlefield preservation inspires our imagination.  Your preservation efforts give rise to teach future generations why this is so important. Whatever else happens in our lifetimes, no one can erase the good work and good feelings you have instilled  in us for protecting America's history.  Thank you so kindly SVBF for the opportunity to join and work with you in support of your future historic preservation mission."
William J. Troup III and Nancy A. Troup
Williamsport, MD

"We are the land. The land connects all our lives.  Battlefield preservation enables the land to preserve our memories; as we preserve its future."
Leslie Mack

"Undeveloped land will not sit idle forever. We must act quickly to save what we can. By our legacy, we honor our parents who inspire our generosity."
Tom Mack